This App is FREE. Just download and use is. It is that simple. No strings attached!

No. There are no Ads in this App.

You only need to provide your name & a profile image to create your profile.

Since this App is primarily a device Dialer App, it needs your accurate mobile phone number. The App will send one SMS message to the server to get your accurate phone number.

If you live in USA, Canada, or India, sending an SMS message to a local number will not cost you any additional money. All other countries, please check with your carrier for the cost to send an SMS to a US phone number. You will do this once to register your app after downloading it.

Yes. In fact, this one of the wonderful features of this app. You can change your mobile number anytime and notify your contacts from User Info screen. Your contacts can easily update their chat button with your new number.

Yes. You can change your phone. When you reinstall the App on the new phone, please select the Returning User Flag at registration time.

Yes. You should be able to switch between Android and iPhone and restore your Cloud Backup. You will not lose any of your configuration data.

No. There is no charge to use Chatstasy text messaging service. Since Chatstasy uses your data plan to send/receive text messages, we recommend you connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network when possible, to reduce data usage.

This App is like your phone dialer. Hence please refer to your carrier calling plan for local and international calls

No. Unfortunately, we do support data calling at this time.

Chatstasy uses internet to activate many of the features like Cloud Backup, Text Messaging, etc. However, you do not need internet access to make or receive a call.

NO. Chatstasy never stores your device contact information without your explicit permission. When they are stored as a part of your chat button data, it is stored in a non-human readable format. We value and respect your data privacy. Your data will not be shared with a third party, nor will it be sold or used for purposes other than what is needed for the App.

Yes. You can send a message in your native language. Please look in your device manual for instructions on how to configure your keyboard to a language of your choice.

No. You can only send messages to a registered Chatstasy user

Yes. You can create a group chat tile and invite members to your group. You will get a notification when they accept or reject your invitation.

Your Call Logs (applicable to Androids only) are not stored on our server at anytime.

No. This App currently works only on a mobile phone.

Yes. However, if the child is under the age 18, their parent or guardian must accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents.

You will use the Red Emergency Ambulance button to call an Ambulance. This button will be configured automatically to call the appropriate number based on your country of residence. However, you can change this to another number at any time.

Email ID is optional. However, it is important that you provide a valid email id to receive your backup key and other information regarding future updates of the App. Please be advised that your email ID is safe with us, and it will not be shared with a 3rd party.

No. You should be able to recover all your chat buttons after reinstalling the App from the same device and phone #. However, when you change your phone # and/or the device, you will be asked to provide your old backup key and phone #. We recommend you perform manual backups as often as possible.

Yes. Chatstasy recognizes users from over 200 countries. Please make sure the chat button has a blue frame. If not, please check to make sure your foreign contact’s phone number is formatted correctly with proper country code and a + sign as the prefix.

Chatstasy recognizes users from over 200 countries. Please see List of Countries page for a complete list.

The Cloud Backup is created automatically when there are unsaved changes. The auto backup service will be activated when the App is used for the first time after a 24hr period. However, we recommend you perform manual backup to save the changes as often as possible.

Chatstasy takes extra measures to safeguard your information on our secure servers. Your information is stored in non-human readable encrypted form within our data base. It can only be accessed by the App using your unique Backup Key sent to you when you registered the App. Please safeguard your Backup Key.

Your backup data is stored in a highly secured facility within the continental U.S.

Yes. You can change your SIM card anytime and continue to use the App. However, it is important that you use the phone number change icon next to your old number in User Info screen to register your new number and notify your contacts. Note: When you register your new number, the appropriate Emergency Ambulance number for the new country (if applicable) will be stored in the Red Emergency button.

Yes. You can delete your account at any time using the Delete My Account option from within the App.