The Story Behind

Needs of an Aging Mother

Few years back, the creator’s 82-year-old mother suffered a major stroke while she was alone at home. Fortunately, she recovered from this ordeal with timely help from doctors. Realizing she needed a mobile phone to call an ambulance or a loved-one while she is alone at home, a good smartphone was purchased for her. When her son tried to educate her on the use of the device, he realized how difficult it is for her. She couldn’t understand and remember all the gestures needed to make a simple call to someone. Many of the gestures that invokes applications are alien for her. Hence, he looked around for a good App that can help her and unfortunately, was not able to find one she liked. So, he decided to create an App that can help his mother use a smartphone when in need.

Sister’s Ordeal

While on a volunteering mission to help underprivileged women in Africa, his sister fell in a roadside trench. It was dark at night with no streetlights. She was bruised and in needed of urgent medical attention. She was afraid and didn’t know who to call for help. She didn’t know the local ambulance number. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan helped her out and took her to a nearby clinic.

These kinds of situations can happen for anyone. Even when you call the correct number for an ambulance, they may not be able to respond in a timely manner due to things that are beyond their control. Hence, it is imperative that no one should have an excuse for not knowing the most important number wherever they are in the world. Hence, the Chatstasy App contains ambulance numbers for every country in the world! With Chatstasy App, smartphone user will always have access to these important numbers wherever they are in the world.


With Chatstasy App, smartphone user will always have access to these important numbers wherever they are in the world.


Smartphone Challenges

There are many challenges faced by smartphone users. First, they need to use the device dialer to make a call. They need to use another App to send and receive text messages. They need to use another App to listen to their voice messages. Then they need to use yet another App to manage their contacts. When there is a need to call an ambulance, they must remember the appropriate number for the country they live. When they want to call someone urgently at time of need, there is no elegant way accomplish this. In today’s connected world, people travel to all parts of the world. Yet there is no elegant way to check the local time at destination before making a call. When the other party is busy or sleeping, there is no elegant way to leave an important voice message without disturbing them. Additionally, smartphone users are forced to settle for a single profile image uploaded to social media representing their various ‘Avatars’ for Friends, Family, and Professional contacts!


Chatstasy App takes-on these challenges by providing many innovative features never seen in a smartphone App. The App efficiently combines many commonly used tasks like calling, texting, contact management, calling an ambulance in an emergency, or making an urgent call at time of need. The innovation doesn’t stop there, it provides countless patent-pending features that will impress users of all ages. The App can be a dialer to make calls to anyone. It can send/receive text messages like popular messaging Apps. It can be an efficient picture-based contact management App. It can place an urgent call at time of need. It can push appropriate ‘Avatar’ image to selected group of contacts. It can be a voice mail App. It can provide users current location, do-not-disturb, and airplane mode status. It can even send notification to loved ones when someone calls an ambulance!


In a nutshell, this is like a Swiss Army Knife all smartphone users must download and carry in their pocket!